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Nature boy

(Aerial Straps)

Nature Boy is an act about simplicity and pureness, created in cooperation with Markus Pabst and Base Berlin. It is about giving and getting back what you give- one of the simplest rules in life. The soundtrack by violinist Ashia Grzesik was especiallly created for this act and gives it an unique touch next to some trick combinations which are completely new in this certain combination with the Aerial Straps.


Created for LIFE- The Show (Strut&Fret)

this act combines Beethoven's 5th Symphony with a modern beat which was created only for this act. A unusual combination of strong musical pieces and unique split combinations paired  with dynamic spins are the main focus in this act. 


The handstand version of the act "Nature Boy" is based on similar unique split combinations as you can see them in the Straps Act. Seemingly effortless splits and handstands melt together and create eye catching shapes and movements.